Sunday, October 29, 2017

Photo credit—Cátia Maciel

Yesterday I didn't change the template and so accidentally swiped credit from Cátia Maciel. I'm really sorry! I've fixed it now; you can click the photo to see it with the proper credit.

photo by Cátia Maciel

Each new post starts with this template, and usually I do much better. It was late, I was sleepy.<table align=center cellpadding=8><td></td><td></td></table><br /> <center><a HREF=""></a><br /> <font size=-1><i>photo by Sandra Dodd</i></font></center>
I'm grateful to those who let me beg and borrow their photos of light and joy. Thank you all. At the blog, you can look for your favorite authors or photographers with the search box, upper left. Or use this link for today: (search "Maciel")

It's late and I'm sleepy again, so I came for a "time out—here's why I messed up," and "I'm sorry."

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