Saturday, September 24, 2016

Strewing might ring a bell

Not the same bells as I saw in a museum in Avebury, but bells...

Once Colleen Prieto wrote:

Yesterday, a neighbor offered me something that looks sort of like a cross between a bell and a gong, a stand to hang it from, and a mallet. It was interesting and I figured we'd find some sort of use for it, so...

In the less than 24 hours it's been in the house, my 9 year old has:
  • Experimented with the different sounds it can make (soft hits, hard hits, hit in different places)
  • Used it to call us all to attention so he could announce important things (like "I'm hungry" :-))
  • Told our elderly friend about it, and in turn checked out the links she sent to websites that have photos of gongs that are bigger than people, Tibetan singing bowls, etc.
  • Added The King and I to our Netflix queue after my mother said she thinks they use gongs to summon dancing maidens in the movie
  • Looked for other things in the house to bring into the living room to make it look "even more Avatar air temple and less ordinary living room" :-)
  • Put Avatar episodes on in the background and made up his own air-bending moves while they were on
  • Wondered why a mallet is called a mallet and is not called a hammer
  • Asked me to find the bell collection we used to have out, so he can play with the bells again

The fun (and learning, and connections) that can come from exploring one simple item can be amazing.

—Colleen Prieto photo by Sandra Dodd

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