Sunday, December 20, 2015

Humming along

Debbie Regan wrote, to someone afraid a child was "falling behind":
 photo talia1.jpg"While schooly people are focussing on that fictional finish line, the real world is still humming along. People are walking around and past the fretting throng, living interesting lives, doing cool things, being productive, enjoying life."
—Debbie Regan
photo by Talia Bartoe


  1. Yes but being the parent of a home educated child who is not even close to their schooled peers is not an easy place to be especially at this time of year

  2. Half the kids in school are below average, and have the papers to prove it. Finding things to discuss that your child DOES know about, and showcasing what he HAS learned and done is part of being an unschooling parent.

  3. Yes I agree. We have had some wonderful conversations about making candles and computer games at family parties recently.

    It is more the "Mum how do you write a 7 again." quips that crop up during board games I was thinking of. I know many other unschooling parents feel the same at this time of year.

    I was very nervous at our annual LEA meet this year that there was no traditional written work or paintings for eg but our local guy was very happy to watch Minecraft being played :)


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