Sunday, May 24, 2015

Art about art

[In 2009...] When Holly and I got back from having seen Lady in the Water, I told Kirby and Marty "It's a fairy tale about fairy tales. It's a movie about movies."

I guess that idea was still in my head when I wrote "This is art about art. These are cartoons about cartoons" (about a Strongbad cartoon called "Japanese Cartoon").
Art by Naolito; image is a link.

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  1. Dear Sandra,

    It is funny that when I read your post this morning in the kitchen, Jerome was sitting in front of me wearing this very t-shirt. :-)
    What reminds me I owe it to you to have had the possibility to buy this art about art t-shirt online for him to find it under the Christmas tree last December.
    Thank you very much for this idea you put on facebook that day of 2014. Jerome loves both art (especially drawing) and everything Zelda related and he loves his t-shirt.



    ​P.S. I decided to make a post about that funny thing we call 'clin d'oeil' in French. It is here : ​


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