Sunday, June 16, 2013

Vibrant, healthy and active

I can see how vibrant, healthy, and active both of them are. They love to go outside, run with their friends, ride bikes, dig in the dirt, go swimming, catch fireflies, climb trees, and tons of other things. And they also love watching TV and playing computer games. I can look at them directly, without any fear, and see that they are whole and that our relationship is remaining intact because I respect the things they love and support choices they make."
—Susan May
 photo playpark3.jpg

Either/Or Thinking and "Screen Time"
photo by Sarah Dickinson

The children described aren't the same as those pictured,
but they're all unschoolers.


  1. Thanks for this post and link to Sarah's article. I think it's hard for me, as many adults, to let go of that EITHER/OR mentality and it's easy to get caught in that cycle of thinking. It is never Either/Or All/Nothing. It's life which is always adjusting, changing, flexing, growing, adapting forever in flux and yet along the way finding contentment with who you are right now and enjoying what life has right here in this moment to enjoy.

    This post hit home in regards to not only parenting/unschool but also my struggle with health and weight. It's choosing JOY in everything, it's finding that Pollyana within.

    Sandra, I thank you so much for all your posts / website work you have done. Thank you for opening up your life and that of your family. Thanks for taking the time to share and care about others who are growing, learning, adjusting and working on a Joy filled Life.
    I get a BIG smile on my face when I see that I have an Email from Just add light and stir. 8) It gives me time to think and reflex. Thank you for making me think.

  2. Susan's article, Sarah's photo! :-)

    I like this: -=-it's finding that Pollyana within-=-

    Thank you for reading, and for the sweet note.


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