Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Don't do this at home

Almost any piece of routine damage school can do to a child, parents can do at home. Parents can make their kids hate math. They can make them never want to read a book again. They can make them want nothing more than to grow up and get away. So with unschooling, when people ask me what I think makes it work, I tell them the kids have to have a choice.

from Living Unschooling with Sandra Dodd, interview by Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko (PDF file), which is a Summer 2005 transcript of most of this 2004 Radio Interview.
The two main topics are strewing and spirituality.
photo by Sandra Dodd

Note: I do avoid "have to" but in an if/then situation, sometimes there's something a person has to have to enable to desired condition. If unschooling is going to work, kids have to have choices. Parents do not "have to" give their children choices. Unschooling parents will find themselves choosing to do so.

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