Friday, June 8, 2012

For now

In response to questions about what unschoolers can say to doubters and critics right in that crucial moment, I wrote:

Some things I've said:

"This is working for now. If it stops working, we'll do something else."

"Thanks. I'll think about that." (Or you could say "We thought about that," or "I think about that all the time.")

Mostly people want to know you heard what they said, and that you have thought about what they're suggesting. It doesn't hurt to say that you have, or that you will.
photo by Sandra Dodd of one of the Diamond Jubilee beacons

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  1. I get bombarded with questions like this all the time. I choose the phrase, similar to yours, "this is working for now, if my kids are not happy we will do something else" People just don't get that though, they think I'm weird. Oh well, my kids were out running in the grass and discovered a snake skin this morning, they are happy, which makes me happy too.


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