Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A busy, enriched and enriching life

I used to assume that people would begin with a busy, enriched and enriching life, but not everyone was making the same assumption
or starting from the same place. Some said "We're unschooling, starting now," and then watched the kids to see when they were going to take control or direct their own learning.

Choices in an environment maintained with learning in mind are different from choices in a quiet, boring place. If I were a kid, my choice in a quiet, boring place would be to go to school.

Make your unschooling sparkly and joyful.
—Sandra Dodd

The text above is from a 2009 commentary on a 1996 article at
photo by Sandra Dodd, of a spooky fortune-telling machine (click it)

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  1. Ronnie M. wote to me about that image. Here's her note and my response:

    Cool. Do you know about the real Bocca della Verita? It's in Rome and was featured in "Roman Holiday" with Audrey Hepburn. I wanted to see it while we were there a couple years ago, but I found out they no longer let tourists stick their hands in--it was wearing down the sculpture--so I lost interest. :-)à



    that page also said this:

    "Electronic coin-operated reproductions of the Mouth are found in fairgrounds of Spain andHungary, at some motorway service stations in the UK and Croatia, usually together with photo booths. There is also a full size replica of the Mouth of Truth at the private Pikake Botanical Gardens in Valley Center, California."

    A motorway service station in the UK is exactly where I saw it!


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