Thursday, January 27, 2011

Elvis, Barbie and Rebellion

I started to name this post "Elvis," but up popped "Elvis, Barbie and Rebellion." When I went to search my other blogs to see why that was happening, I found "Elvis, Battle of New Orleans, Pinky and the Brain, Cavemen."

Those two sets of words, separated from their origins, are more interesting than what I had originally intended to write about Elvis. I invite you ponder for a moment what I might have been thinking.

If you get tired of that, you are welcome to explore the first one and the other one, at your leisure.
photo by Holly Dodd herself


  1. Susan Gaissert wrote:

    "Sandra, the blog still won't let me post a comment, but I loved "Elvis, Barbie, and Rebellion." The three words combined brought fantastic linkages into my head. Thank you! By the way, I often experience the same thing when I'm walking through a store looking for a few items whose names I recite mentally in order to remember them, e.g., "Bandaids, juice, birthday card.""

  2. Hillarious - thanks, Sandra! - Cheryl


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